Promotions expire 1/16/13

  • SAVE UP TO $30/month for 12 months
  • FREE for 3 months: HBO, Showtime, Starz & Cinemax
  • FREE Blockbuster @ Home for 3 months: DVDs by mail, streaming through your HDDVR and streaming online
  • FREE equipment (up to 6 TVs)
  • FREE installation (in up to 6 rooms)
  • FREE HDDVR or DVR equipment ($6/mo DVR service fee applies)
  • Connect your DVR to multiple rooms for free
  • FREE wireless adapter for all HDDVRs (access video-on-demand, control timers from remote locations)
  • FREE HBOGo: Access HBO & Cinemax movies anytime & at any location with internet access—you don’t need to be home to watch a movie, original series, sports events & more!


  • 24 month agreement (can be moved anywhere in the U.S. during the contract)
  • Social security number required for credit check
  • valid credit card
  • 1st bill payment required at account set-up








Prepare For Your Installation:

  1. Make room: Clear a path and make sure TV is away from wall
  2. Duration of Installation: Installation may take 1-4 hours
  3. Adult Present: A member of your household, age 18 or older must be home during your installation
  4. Connect Your Receiver: Enjoy all the benefits of Dish Network when your technician connects your receiver to your home phone line and/or broadband internet service
  5. Obtain permission: Obtain permission from landlord or homeowners association if necessary